About Trudy


Well the ‘ol chook has retired from teaching…..but still very young at heart.
After 27 years of teaching students aged 5 to 15years, In 2005, I decided to get in touch with the
“ART WITHIN.” and I have not looked back.
The past years have been both challenging and liberating.  I attended art sessions taught by Steve Morvell. These were  extremely rewarding and stimulating.
I have been able to tap into my creative reservoir…as you can discover within this web site.
Artist In Residence Positions enable me to keep in touch with the young children whom I love to inspire, as well as jointly exploring creative strategies.
I had works in an exhibition in The Post Office Gallery in Jan 2010…and also in SPACE 22,
Main Road No., 22.Ballarat.
Space 22 also exhibited 4 of my abstract pieces, focussed on the topic “Tempus Fugit” or “Time flies” This exhibition ran from July 1st to July 18th, 2010. These works are in the Abstract section of this web site…but that was a few years ago….go to the other sections to find out more….especially Exhibitions and News…etc.

“Are You Going My Way” Medium Ink. SOLD