Artist in Residence.
I have recently had two Art In Residence Positions.
At Ballarat north Primary School I was involved in planning, designing and painting a 20mtr. Mural with Students from grades three to six.
The theme was environmentally based. We selected the SEASONS , which invoked rich colours, sporting pursuits and hobbies as well as flora and fauna images. Painting took place during lunch recess, with students working in a buddy setting. Plenty of commentary was given
as children passed by and played happily around us.
Secondly, was the experience at Forest Street Primary School in Ballarat. I was asked to design with students from Grades 3 to 6 , four Mandalas, based on an Environmental Theme.
Students did loads of drawings, which I cut and pasted and arranged in a circular fashion.
Mandalas are repititive and colouful. The colours were chosen by the children, after they had individually coloured in the pre arranged shapes and pictures drawin earlier.
Once again these were cut and pasted and finally arranged into a circle.
Students then painted these over the period of 10 weeks with good quality acrylic paint.
The mandalas are now hung on the linkway wall within the school grounds.