Paintings for Sale
These Paintings are of various subjects, some quirky, some not.
They are created using a variety of mediums and techniques and expertly framed.

Bungle Bungles. Pastel. $350 Framed.
Flying High over the Bungle Bungles. Pastel $350 Framed.
Water Colour. Donated to “Are You Alright?” fundraiser.
A Commissioned Art work. Pastel. Lotus Flower Garden.
Native Hibiscus. Pastel. For Sale. $400
Blissfull Rain. Medium pan pastel/pastel.
A2 in size and framed.
African Tribesman. $300 Unframed A3 in size. Pastel and Ink
Native Pride. $400
Looking Forward Looking Back. Man in Paris. Medium Pastel. $300
 Parisian  Sold
Flamenco Dancer. Granada Spain.
Medium Pastel. $150
South Eastern Cliff Face. Mixed Medium. Framed. $250
Fresh Air. Dutch Windows. Mixed Medium. $100
Framed $200.
Breathing In the Fresh Air. Dutch Windows. Mixed Medium. $100
Framed $200
Breathing Out. Fresh Air. Dutch Windows. Mixed Medium. $100
Unframed.. $200 Framed.
These three Dutch windows now  SOLD
 Grass Trees.Pen and Ink $75.AU.
SOLD. 2009
Cattle Grazing. Pastel. $350.AU
Framed. $300
Storm Clouds wrestle the seas.Pastel. $400.00 AU.
This Painting was sold at The Mining Exchange Ballarat. November 5th. 2010
Stanley Chasm Central Australia. Pastel. $300.AU
Uluru After the Rain. Pastel. $350.AU
 Uluru  Pastel $300
Uluru Up Close. Pastel. $400.AU
 After the Rain. $300
Lulu Fiji Waiter. Pastel $300.AU
Ravin Fiji Gardener.Pastel. $300.AU
Jesus Bird. Kakadu N.T. Australia. Pen and wash. $150.00 AU
 Old Family Home,Buninyong Charcoal Etching $250.00AU
This painting has now been SOLD.
A conversation to be had. Pen and Ink $250.00 AU
Prints available at $40 ALL GONE NOW. BUT CAN REPEAT.
A Bed of Daisies Pastel $300.00 AU
This painting has now been sold (Dec. 2008)
Pier Tutoring.Lake Wendouree. Victoria Australia
Ink. Working both inside and outside the mount.
Price. $150. Framed.
Sisterly Chat. Water Colour
Sisterly Chat. Water Colour. Framed. $150.00
SOLD 2009
Feast of Fish. Water Colour
Feast of Fish. Water Colour. Unframed. $100.00
Tasmanian Rain Forest. Water colour
Tasmanian rain forest. Water Colour. SOLD..2009
A Smile Just For You. Water Colour
A Smile Just For You. Water Colour.
Framed $150.00. Unframed $100.00 .SOLD
After A Feed. Cape Schank
After A Feed .Cape Schank.
Water Colour. $60
Sunset Fly Over.
Ink and Acrylic. Framed $120 SOLD……2009

Mixed Media. Flying High over the Seas.
Flying High Over the Seas. Unframed

Mixed Media. SOLD ……2009

Circuit Over the Seas.
Circuit Over the Seas. Unframed.

Mixed Media. SOLD 2009


Beetle Mania. Unframed Water /colour $80

Beetle Mania. Unframed $80. Water Colour. SOLD 2009
Attention...Check the View.
Attention !! Check the View. Water Colour. Unframed $80
Sun Lit.Alleyway. Pen and Ink.
Unframed $80 NOW SOLD 2010 Nov.
An Emu on the Look Out. Charcoal Framed Sold 2009
Protea. Water Colour. Unframed. SOLD 2009
Ink/Pastel $50.
“Let’s Go Surfing”
 Cat Unison.Medium Ink
Unframed. Ink Zen Like art Work. $80 Now SOLD